Schedule updates: June 4

tall dogLots of new developments in the studio schedule.  Let’s just review the next few weeks here.

  • Last Wednesday, May 29, we inaugurated a new series of Wednesday sessions.  It felt very promising
    to be able to meet on a weekday evening and the space has a great writing energy so I’m excited about exploring the possibilities for this new space and time.


Wednesday June 5

Generative Session [Location: Emergence Healing Arts]

  • Craft topic: Syntax

Sunday, June 9

Workshop Session[Location: please email for address]

  • Craft topic: Syntax
  • Please email me here to reserve one of four 15-minute workshop slots for June 9

Wednesday, June 12

Generative  [Location: Emergence Healing Arts]

  • Craft Topic: Metaphor

Sunday, June 16

Generative  [Location:  308 Page St @SFZC]

  • Craft Topic: Metaphor

For any other questions, please email me below:


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