Studio Updates: September 1

photoWe will not meet Sunday, September 8 just to take a breather as we move into the fall “semester,” and to make it possible to go to
Jean Valentine‘s  reading at Diesel in Oakland on that day at 3:00.
Wednesday Evenings ~ Private Sessions available at Emergence
Both 30-minute and 1-hour slots available for private sessions between 7:00 – 9:00.
As always, you are welcome to use your session cards for private sessions.  One card = one 30-minute session.    (2 cards = 1 hour, etc.)
It’s still possible to schedule private sessions at other times, this just makes it possible to have the session in a dedicated place.
Acupuncture + Poetry!
Also, for anyone who’s interested, there is a community acupuncture “ear clinic”  at Emergence on Wednesday evenings as well.
The sessions take about 30 minutes and the practitioner, Mike Clinton, said he’d be very happy to work with you in exploring points
that would in some way relate to your writing practice.  I will leave that intriguing mystery to Mike,
but I think it sounds like a wonderful combination! His clinic runs from 5:00 – 8:00.   Please check with Mike  for more info about fees, etc.

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