Why Love What You Will Lose: Writing Through Grief, March 14 • 10-4


I’ll be teaching a workshop at the Grotto in a couple of weeks.

You can register here. 

10:00 – 4:00 [+1 hour for lunch]

Date: Saturday, March 14

Course fee: $100

Why love what you will lose?  There is nothing else to love. —Louise Glück

Major shifts and challenges in our lives can spark our most urgent writing.  When something so deeply affects us, how do we begin to write “about” it? In our day together, we’ll explore how to find points of entry and how to work with resistance. In generative exercises we’ll practice working with particular image, detail, and dialogue, and other elements that create immediacy. We’ll cultivate a responsive circle of listening and we’ll discuss how routine and form can create stability for the unsettling process of writing in this difficult terrain.  All genres welcome.  Tea & snacks provided. Please bring your lunch.