Sundays 4:00 – 6:00

The Writing Studio is a community of writers where you can share your work in progress, explore matters of craft, and generate new work.
Sessions alternate each between an emphasis on workshop & on generative writing.  Each session includes a 15-20 minute discussion of craft & process.
A writing circle offers a supportive and responsive context for your work, and provides an ongoing practice of deepening your capacity for listening: to the poem on the table, to what others say about your own work, and to what you are drawn to say about the work you read. Responding to the work of other writers can often give you a sense of your own preoccupations, habits, and predilections before you become aware of them in relation to your own work.
The studio framework is designed to be “free-standing,” and welcomes both steady and occasional participation. There’s a core group of writers who have been part of the studio since it began in 2010, but the group for any given week is almost never the same.  The studio welcomes writers of all “levels.”
We focus primarily on poetry in the process & craft discussions, but writers in any genre are welcome.
Participants are invited to sign up for a workshop slot and bring a 1-2 page piece (any genre) for discussion
Held at the San Francisco Zen Center, in the Conference Center, 308 Page St.

2013 Spring & Summer Dates

May 12

May 19

May 26

June 2 Beautiful Experiments on Splashes

June 9

June 16

June 23

June 30

July 7

July 21

July 28

August 4

Single Session:  $30 ea.
Multi-session cards: (advance purchase)
2-3 sessions:   $25 ea.
6 – 10 sessions:  $20 ea.


You can register on-site directly with me, with payment by cash or check. Advance registration with Paypal is also available. Please feel free to call or email if you have any questions. Pre-registration is strongly encouraged.


  • Multi-session cards are valid for six months from the date of purchase.
  • Multi-session cards may be shared with another person. You are responsible for keeping track of your sharing arrangements.

Bonus 1:1! A 10-class card includes a 30-minute private conference at no extra charge.

Work exchange is available at a rate of 2 hours of work in exchange for 1 session. Please talk to me if this is something you’d like to explore.


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