Prompts from “quick sketches” at the beginning of class


that scarf of yours

I knew it would happen

Most days I see her

He was playing that song again

I rang the bell but no one answered

They said her resting pulse was 110

The pressure from underneath


before I could stop, he stopped

No, you stop, he said

The boy stepped over

At first I thought it was broken

I didn’t quite manage

He placed the back of his palm on her forehead

It had been so long since someone had called me by that name

He sang my name, the way he had always done

I expected to be annoyed

Your names

Even if I’d known

For weeks now

Underneath it I found

It is tempting


I leaned in

It was so small

No one told me it would happen so fast

But after a while it started to yield

He looked for a blanket

I couldn’t find

I thought I saw

but then, I’ve never

She found a pair of shorts in the desk

Something small floated toward her

He put down his suitcase

In the dream, I am always

The whole world is medicine

The heat of the bullet

If I had looked, really looked

There is nothing she could have said, at that moment, but what she said was this


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